If you wish to add some playfulness and vibrancy to the jewelry that you wear, then you should try the multicolor jewelry.  The vibrant colors in your jewelry will add some extra glow to you and enhance your elegance. Whether you are someone who loves heavy jewelry or someone who likes to keep it simple, choosing multicolor pendants can be a great choice.

Here are some fabulous ways to add some vibrant elegance with multicolor pendants, to your simple look:

Match with your outfit

While choosing the multicolor pendants, pick something that matches your outfit. Pendants matching with your outfit can be a great way to pick them. But even a contract color combination can enhance the look.  Orange goes well with blue, red color goes well with black and try other combinations of different colors as well.

Pick Large pendants

Choosing a large pendant will always enhance the look. If you are someone who likes to make a bold fashion statement with their jewelry, then a large multicolor pendant can be a great pick. The multicolors of the pendant should also be bold like orange, red, dark pink, and others. Even the look of a simple dress can be elevated with these large pendants.

Layer up

Layering up multiple necklaces can also be a fabulous way to style the multicolor pendants. You should start with a thin chain and a pendant and then start increasing the thickness of the chains. Try to use a single pendant with multiple colors or multiple pendants with a single color each.

Right Metal

While the multicolor pendants are a great choice to improve your overall look, the right metal also plays an important role. You can combine these pendants with Silver, Gold, or Rose gold. You can also use it with steel chains. However, using the right chain is important for enhancing the look of these multicolor pendants.

The shape of the pendant

The shape of the pendant will also make or break the overall look. If you choose a simple round pendant, that is common and is good for office use. But if it is for a special occasion, then pick from various other shapes of the multicolor pendants available in the market.

Choose right earrings

When wearing the multicolor pendants, you should keep an eye on your earrings as well. All depends on the final outlook that your prefer. Use some multicolor earrings or you can also pick some earrings with a single color. The stone that you are picking is important.

With these simple tips, you can now embrace the new look of multicolor pendants. They are versatile and also suitable for any kind of occasion. You just need to get creative in combining the right jewelry with the right outfit. When you express your style statement in the right way, you can easily showcase your fashion. Always try to have a unique style rather than copying someone else’s look.