In today’s fashion world, there are different kind of accessories that you will be able to find for enhancing the style of your outfit. One of the most popular names that you hear these days is a brooch. Earlier, brooches were just a grandmon thing but it is not the same anymore. Brooches are being used by both men and women in many different ways. They are not just a piece of accessories anymore. They are more style-enhanced, they tell your story of styling.

A variety of designs are available in brooches for males and females these days. The most trending piece or design is the star brooch, and it is being worn by many celebrities as well. If you also wish to elevate your style with fashion star brooches, then continue reading. Here is some useful knowledge and tips about how to wear the brooches right.

Bunch of Brooches

One of the best ways to elevate your style is by wearing a bunch of brooches. You can pair a few other small brooches with the star brooch. That gives a unique twist to the normal single brooch idea. But while using more than one brooch, make sure that you pick the ones in similar color and stone. That gives a perfect look and finish.

Add it to your scarf

Women are more attracted to extra pieces of accessories for their dresses. Instead of using a normal pin, you can try the star brooches. You can add them to your regular dresses in many different ways. Try to add it to your scarf for a different and unique look. Whether hot summer or cooler months, a scarf is a must-have. So, you will be able to use different types of brooches for styling your scarves.

Use it like a jewelry or accessory

Why not try something unique and different with the star brooches? You can use a brooch as a piece of jewelry as well. Yes, you can use it like jewelry by adding it to a thin chain. It looks like a pendant. You can even use it as a hair accessory for hair buns. Add them to your handbags or purses. A Star brooch is a great choice as a fashion accessory.

Do’s and Dont’s with Brooches:

  • Never pick a brooch that does not match with other fashion jewelry that you are picking.
  • Do not always use them in one style or use a single design all the time. Try different options for different occasions.
  • Wear the brooch in different ways to understand which suits you the best. Never settle for one single style.
  • You need not always go for expensive brooches to look unique. Even the fashion brooches are a great choice.

You can wear a star brooch for different occasions like work, weddings, festivals, parties, and your first date. But all you need to keep in mind is to style it right with your outfit and other jewelry.